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Ademar Aguiar

Information about my teaching, training and research activities at FEUP. University of Porto, Portugal.

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Alberto Mota

Alberto Mota's Home page. Includes binary search trees applet, graph applet with Dijkstra's algorithm (both with ordered vector and binary heap) and an ACM problem repository (very small...)

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Manuel L. Ponte

A Recollection Through Photos - Album dealing with an Azorean family, dating to the 19th Century, its migration and integration in America in the 20th Century, while keeping its roots in the Azores. Also includes family history.

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Miguel Mascarenhas Answers your Questions

Miguel Mascarenhas is a 18-year old boy from Portugal. His hobbies: hamsters, stamps, tropical fish, computer games and Magic: the Gathering.

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Nuno Picado

Personal information, favorite music and interests, and links to web resources.

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Susana Marques

"I am a very happily married man with a great wife. My wife knows I dress up and accept this. I am heterosexual, and I am looking for someone I can share experiences, maybe talk about some ideas."

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