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Direct from the coconut

We’re 100% coconut water. And nothing else. We use the highest quality young green coconuts. For the freshest taste, we extract the water with no exposure to light or air. (Because light and air can alter the taste.) And we don’t use any additives whatsoever. It’s like drinking straight from the coconut!

We’re thankful to the planet.

To care for the earth, we took a revolutionary, sustainable approach to farming called mosaic farming. We started by setting aside 70% of our land as untouchable, preserved forest and have created ecological corridors to expand the local flora and animal populations. This natural preserve maintains the balance for the 30% of the land that we farm.
Because we are committed to the most eco-friendly, sustainable practices, our goal is to create zero waste, utilizing 100% of the coconut. For example, the dry husks of the brown coconut are used for fiber erosion control.
We also want to reduce waste in landfills so our #1 PET bottles are recyclable here in the U.S.

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We’re thankful to the people of Bahia, Brazil.

We are grateful to the wonderful people of Conde in Bahia, Brazil who make premium Obrigado 100% coconut water possible. So we make sure we show them our thanks every day through our commitment to Fair Trade practices.
And to support the children of Pedra Grande, a rural community in the municipality of Conde, we founded Instituto Gente, an organization whose mission is to “help identify and reveal the enormous human and natural potential which already exists, regardless of the conditions of today.”
Instituo Gente began transforming the precarious learning space of the local school, Castro Alves School, into a state-of-the-art, modern school building with four classrooms, a computer room, reading rooms, leisure areas, a kitchen and dining hall. The school seeks to implement a full-time education model geared to multi-facet development in and out of the classroom.
The partnership between Instituto Gente and the Conde town council also involves social and economic work with the community of Pedra Grande that aims to organize community development projects with the collaboration of other partners, based on the principles of Instituto Gente:
• A balanced relationship between people and nature
• Community leadership
• Focus on local talent and resources
• Personal and institutional partnerships
So in a sense, we don’t just grow coconut trees, we grow futures.

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