Our coconut farm

Bem-vindo à Obrigado!

Arista Genilton at the Obrigado farm.

Welcome to Obrigado!

On our sustainable farm in Bahia Brazil, our coconut trees are looked after by Aristas; they are the true coconut experts. One of them is Genilton. 

“Bom dia! My name is Genilton. Let me tell you a bit about how we work here at the Obrigado farm. Like my fellow Aristas, I work at a 54-acre plot and I personally check and establish the needs of each tree on it, whether that’s more water or manure. This way the trees give us the best green coconuts. I have known my trees since they were seedlings and have seen them grow up to healthy fruit-bearing beauties”. 

Good coffee needs Baristas.
Good coconuts need Aristas.


Every tree gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it!

The best coconuts come from the healthiest trees, that's why we take care of them with a lot of attention. Because of our system of precision irrigation we can ensure that every individually tree gets exactly what it needs when it needs it with the lowest usage of water. As a result, our trees are super healthy and have a significant higher yield than the average coconut tree. This makes our practices very sustainable.

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One of our Brazilian green dwarf coconut trees
Every tree has a unique bar code

We are a
B Corp

Obrigado is a Certified B Corporation®. This means we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We are people using business as a force for good.

Read everything about how we make a difference in our Impact Report

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Ecological balance

Being a sustainable company is important to us. We realize our farm and factory are all part of the ecosystem that is formed by the land we own and the existing biodiversity and Atlantic forest vegetation. That is why we farm using the mosaic principle to maintain the ecological balance. We started by setting aside 70% of our land as untouchable, preserved forest and have created ecological corridors to expand the flora and animal population. This natural preserve maintains the balance for the 30% of the land that we farm. Leaving 70% untouched primeval forest leads to healthier soil, fewer pests and more yield.

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Zero waste

Our goal is to be a zero-waste company. And the coconut turns out to be the perfect zero waste partner. Did we mention we love coconuts? We try to use every part of the coconut. From the coconut water which comes out of the young, green nut we make our Obrigado coconut water and the white coconut flesh can be used for coconut milk and coconut oil. But there is even more to the coconut! Our sister company Frysk Industrial turns the dry coconut husk into biodegradable anti-erosion blankets that are used to optimise the process of recuperating degraded areas and revegetating slopes and embankments.

The anti-erosion blankets produced by our company Frysk.
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Brunessa da Conceição at the Castro Alves municipal school.

Instituto Gente

Apart from caring for our coconuts, we also care for our community. That’s why we started Instituto Gente, a foundation that supports education and cultural projects for the local people of Pedra Grande, a rural community in the municipality of Conde where our farm is located.

Instituto Gente’s first project was the renovation of the local school. We turned the old building into a modern school with four classrooms, a computer room, reading rooms, leisure areas, a kitchen and a dining hall where the children are served breakfast and one hot meal per day. At the moment around 170 local children already benefit from our educational and sports projects. 

One popular after school activity is capoeira, Bahia’s world famous acrobatic martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.

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The kids of Instituto Gente practising capoeira.
Capoeira teacher Ramisio.