Our secret

Pure coconut water

A perfect start!

If you want to have a perfect result, you need to have a perfect start. That’s why we use only young, fresh coconuts from the best palm tree in the world: The Brazilian Dwarf. We have over 450,000 of them on our farms.

A fresh start!

A unique way of farming

To make sure that every single coconut gets the attention it needs, we’ve created our “Arista System” – a pretty unique way of farming.

We divided our farmland (which is strictly non-GMO) into 25-acre sections, each with a high-tech system for precision irrigation. Each section is under the complete control of highly skilled, highly trained local farmers – known as “Aristas” in Brazil – whom we employ to plant, nurture and closely supervise each tree in their section. Every single tree has a unique bar code to help the Aristas precisely monitor each tree’s growth. They know if a tree needs more water or fertilizer, and exactly how much. So each tree never gets more than it needs, ensuring the highest quality coconuts with the lowest possible usage of water and fertilizer. And that’s good for the planet, too.

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Our farmers

"Aristas" are highly skilled, highly trained local farmers who care for and nurture our coconut trees.

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Never exposed to air or light, until you open the bottle—for the freshest taste.

Our patented extraction system 

When you’ve put so much effort into growing the perfect coconuts you wouldn’t want to do anything that would alter the pure, fresh taste of the coconut water. So we collaborated with the brilliant minds at Leipzig University in Germany to develop a unique extraction system that takes the water out of the coconut without exposing it to air or light—which can alter the taste. Obrigado is the only coconut water company in the world with this patented system, to bring you the same pure fresh taste you’d enjoy if you were drinking straight from the coconut!

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No exposure to light and air

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We’ve added absolutely nothing to our pure 100% coconut water. But if you’d like to, here are some ideas…

Nothing compares to Obrigado coconut water. Except for a fresh coconut. With Obrigado, you’ll enjoy coconut water as it should be, with a fresh unspoiled taste, and no added sugar or preservatives. A true, natural taste that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a sunny Brazilian beach, sipping fresh coconut water through a straw, straight from a coconut—no matter where you are. Ready to enjoy Obrigado premium 100% coconut water? Just chill, shake and sip. And if you’re feeling creative, mix Obrigado with your favorite flavors and ingredients to make them even more delicious. 

Green smoothie - 200ml coconut water, 50g spinach, 1 banana, 2 apples, 1/4 ginger and a pinch of cinnamon.

Coconut water with mint & lime!

Tasty for the kids... and for you too!

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