100% Coconut Water

The purest of the pure!

We control it all!

If you want to have a perfect result, you need to have a perfect start. That’s why we use only young, fresh coconuts from the best palm tree in the world: The Brazilian Dwarf. We have hundreds of thousands of them on our farms. Obrigado coconut water is the result of a process that starts with planting the seed of a coconut tree and ends with you quenching your thirst on a sip of pure, fresh coconut water. Everything that happens in between is all performed and controlled locally by us. 

We pick the coconuts when they’re young, fresh, green and naturally sweet.

Perfect young, green coconuts - ready for the harvest!
Arista Domingos at the Obrigado farm.

No light, no air.

After harvesting the coconuts, we take them to our own local factory where we use our special extraction method which makes sure the coconut water does not come into contact with light or air. That is the only way we can make sure you get true 100% pure, fresh, healthy, fair trade, delicious, nothing added, Obrigado coconut water from Brazil!

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Never exposed to light and air

palm leaf palm leaf

The benefits of pure coconut water

Obrigado coconut water is not only very tasty and refreshing, it’s also very good for you! Coconut water is packed with several important nutrients, including minerals, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants that help your body work more efficiently. 

  • Rehydrates the body; Like sports drinks, coconut water is naturally isotonic. It contains sodium, which helps you to rehydrate more quickly.
  • Speedy recovery after physical activities; Coconut water contains potassium which helps you recover after physical exercises.
  • Helps to avoid muscle cramps; Coconut water helps to avoid muscle cramps that can occur when training hard.
  • Fat free. 100% pure coconut water contains no fat.
  • Helps you to recover after a fun night out; In Brazil, we know how to party. And now you know our secret: coconut water helps us to rehydrate the next morning.
palm leaf palm leaf